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Salkantay Trek Dome-to-Dome

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Join us on our journey to the storied city of Machu Picchu. Experience the rich variety of the Andean world, from the rugged peaks of the Vilcabamba Mountains where Incan deities dwell, to the misty Peruvian cloud forest where orchids bloom and tropical fruits thrive. Once we descend through the lush coffee plantations of the Santa Teresa Valley, we will be just a short train ride away from our final destination: Machu Picchu.  The mysterious and sacred ruins enchant and enthrall, a portal to the past, and the incredible story of the rise and fall of the most advanced civilization in South America.

Along the way, we will be treated to a luxurious camping experience.  Our sustainably-designed dome tents provide all the comforts of a high-end hotel while allowing for an intimate experience with nature.  Our meals along the way will range from the simple to the more elaborate, but will always showcase the fresh, diverse flavors of Peruvian cuisine. Our local guides, trained experts in geography, flora and fauna, and local culture and history, are a wealth of knowledge, and have the technical skills to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the journey.

There are many roads to Machu Picchu, but few choose to take the road less traveled. Journey off the beaten trail to discover the heart of the Andes and the incredible diversity Peru has to offer.



Hike the Vilcabamba mountain range
Take in spectacular views of the sacred mountain Salkantay
Explore the ecosystem of the cloud forest
Tour the stories city of Machu Picchu



Day 1. Cusco – Pincopata EcoCamp (2,870m / 9,354ft)

After breakfast we will meet with our guide to start our city tour.  We will begin with the central market, main plaza, and Korikancha (the Principal Temple) and then continue our tour outside of the city at Sacsayhuaman, and impressive Incan archeological side. We will return to the city for a nice lunch before starting our drive to Mollepata and our first Ecocamp, Pincopata.

During the drive we will pass local villages, winding our way through the Limatambo Valley before ascending to our Ecocamp, located on the property of one of the region’s oldest haciendas.  There will be time to relax and explore before enjoying a traditional welcome dinner.

Include: B, L, D. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 2. Pincopata EcoCamp – Humantay EcoCamp (3,883m / 12,737ft)

After breakfast, we will drive 30 minutes to our trailhead at Marcoccasa. Beginning with a short uphill, we will continue hiking along an aqueduct overlooking the spectacular Rio Blanco Valley and the snow-capped mountain peaks of Humantay and Salkantay. We will arrive at Soray Ecocamp in time for a fresh, light lunch. During the afternoon, we offer an optional hike to Lake Humantay, nestled in the base of the southern face of the mountain.

If you would prefer a more relaxing afternoon, you can schedule a relaxing soothing massage or take in the breathtaking views surrounding our camp.

Include: B, L, D.

Hiking distance: 10 km / 6 ml

Driving distance to trail head: 5 km /3.12 ml

Driving distance to Soray Ecocamp: 28 km / 17 ml

Altitude difference: 1,013m / 3,384ft


Day 3. Humantay EcoCamp – Huayra EcoCamp (3,900m / 12,792ft)

Today, we will experience one of the highlights of our trip: crossing Salkantay Pass (4,664 m /15,300 f). After breakfast we will start our hike along the valley floor, gradual gaining elevation and crossing several small pampa (field).  The challenging final ascent to the pass will be rewarded with dramatic views of Salkantay’s rugged southern face. We will have time celebrate our accomplishment before descending to Salkantay Valley where a delicious picnic lunch will be waiting. We will finish the day’s journey at our high Ecocamp in Huayracmachay with views of Humantay and Salkantay.

Include: B, L, D.

Hiking distance: 13.44 km / 8.4 ml

Approx. time hike: 6 - 7 hrs.

Altitude difference: 17m / 55ft


Day 4. Huayra EcoCamp – Millpo EcoCamp (3,000m / 9,840 ft)

Today, we will begin with an hour-long descent, turning gradually uphill as we follow a trail on the east of Humantay. We will have lunch en route with views of Salkantay and Manchayhuayco Valleys, as well as the surrounding mountains: Abuela and Yanama.  After lunch, our hike continues to descend into the Humantay River Valley along the banks of a small river through the unique flora and fauna of the Peruvian cloud forest, bringing us to our next ecocamp, Manchay.

Include: B, L, D.

Hiking distance: 13.44 km / 8.4 ml

Approx. time hike: 6 - 7 hrs.

Altitude difference: 900m / 2,952ft


Day 5. Millpo EcoCamp – Lucma EcoCamp (1,850m / 6,068ft)

After a nutritious breakfast, we continue our journey into the valley where the Humantay and Chalan Rivers meet.  We will follow a road before crossing the Santa Teresa River, where we traverse over the rolling terrain on the opposite side of the valley. We will rest for lunch at Huiñaypocco, and cross the river once again, this time using local technology.  A van will drive us the rest of the way to our Ecocamp at Lucma. Before diner we are invited to a local farm for a special tour.  Our local guide will show us how Alturas coffee beans are picked, processed and roasted; if you like the unique flavor of the coffee you sample, you can buy fresh roasted coffee directly from this local farmer.

Include: B, L, D.

Hiking distance: 13.44 km / 8.4 ml

Approx. time hike: 6 - 7 hrs.

Driving distance:

Altitude difference: 900m / 2,952ft


Day 6. Lucma EcoCamp – Machu Picchu Town (2,000m / 6,560ft)

Wake up to a cup of a local coffee and a tropical breakfast. We will have several options for today, depending on your needs and wants. No matter where the morning takes us, in the afternoon we will board a scenic train to Machu Picchu Pueblo (Machu Picchu Town) with plenty of time to settle in to our hotel and explore the town.


Option A: Hike

We will depart from the Ecocamp and hike along an Incan trail to Llactapata Pass (2,865 m/ 9,400 f). From there, we descend to an archeological side with an impressive view of Machu Picchu across the river valley. We will enjoy a freshly prepared lunch at a local hostel before continuing to the floor of the Aobamba River Valley, finally arriving at the train station to meet the rest of the group.


Option B: Zip Line

Drive through Santa Teresa Valley amidst lush plantations of coffee, bananas and other tropical fruits to the Zipline Park. Experts will be waiting to “show us the ropes”. After a safety talk and brief instruction, we will be ready to soar across Sacsara River Valley.

After lunch, we will continue on to the train station to join the rest of the group.


Option C: Hot spring

For a more relaxing morning, we will drive to the Cocalmayo Hot Sprint, just outside of the town of Santa Teresa, where clear, steaming hot water runs flows out of the rock into the Urubamba River. We will have plenty of time to enjoy and relax before meeting the rest of the group at the train station.

Include: B, L, D.

Hiking distance: 11.84 km / 7.4 ml

Approx. time hike: 6 hrs.

Driving distance:

Altitude difference: 900 m/ 2,952 f


Day 7. Full day Machu Picchu

After breakfast, our local guide will accompany us by bus to the archeological side. After checking into the park, we will have our first up-close and personal experience with Machu Picchu.  Our guide will help us to rediscover the mysteries of the sacred city on a thorough walking tour.

We will have lunch at the Sanctuary Lodge Hotel, close to the park entrance; you will have the option to return to the ruins during the afternoon to take some spectacular pictures and take in the storied city at your own pace.


Day 8. Machu Picchu – Cusco (3,360m / 11,000ft)

After breakfast we will return to Machu Picchu to climb Machu Picchu mountain. The rigorous, the climb will be challenging, but the magnificent views from the mountain’s peak are worth it. At the top, we will take time to catch our breath and enjoy this unique, bird’s-eye view of Machu Picchu. We will make our way back down to have a well-deserved lunch and in the afternoon you will have time for personal exploration. In the late afternoon we will board our train back to Ollantaytambo.

From Ollantaytambo continue by bus through the Sacred Valley and the town of Chinchero before arriving to the airport of Cusco.

Include: B, L.

Hiking distance: 11.84 km / 7.4 ml

Approx. time hike: 3.5 hrs.

Driving distance: 70 km/43.75 ml

Altitude difference: 1,360 m/ 4,460 ft

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