Cusco City 1/2 day

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Cusco City 1/2 day

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Cusco, as the center of the Inca Empire, means ´Navel of the World´ in Quechua. It´s is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the entire Americas.


When going on the Cusco City tour, you will have a brief experience of Cusco and its historical wonders. You will be able to see cultural highlights, such as: the Cathedral, the Temple of the Sun and Inca ruins.

Trip Itinerary:

This 4-hour trip includes visits to the most important places in Cusco. After we have picked you up at your hotel, we will visit the Cathedral, which is considered the best repository of colonial art. We will also go to Qoricancha (Court of Gold), also known as the Temple of the Sun, which was the religious and political center of Cusco during the Inca era. Just outside of the city is Sacsayhuaman (Speckled Falcon). Continuing our trip away from Cusco we will visit the labyrinthine ruins of Qenqo (Zigzag), Puca Pucara (Red Fort) and Tambomachay (Cavern Lodge) where fountains built by the Incas capture the waters of a natural spring. After visiting the ruins, we will return to the hotel.


*This tour is available in Pool Service and Private Service.

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