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Amazon Villas 4 days

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This 4-day trip is all about activities in the beautiful Amazon forest. We will make an itinerary out of the activities you have chosen.


Possible highlights are trips to macaw or parrot clay licks, caiman watching, boatrides and hiking trails.

Possible activities:

Nature activities

Caiman watching:

This is one of the possible night activities. After a guided hike along a jungle trail, you will board a boat and search the edge of the river for caimans and other nocturnal creatures.

Canopy tower:

Many of the trees in the Peruvian Amazon grow to heights of 30 meters or more. Watch for the birds from a canopy tower and you can get close, eye-level looks at colorful toucans, parrots, macaws and other rainforest wildlife.

A full day at beautiful Lago Sachavacayoc:

On this activity, you will learn about the various aspects of the rainforest and look for birds and other jungle wildlife. At the lake itself you can take a canoe to explore this beautiful, tranquil body of water.

A trip to a macaw clay lick:

Take a trip to one of the Tambopata´s famous macaw clay licks. This one is two hours away by boat and is often visited by three species of macaws, parrots and parakeets.

Star gazing from a canopy tower:

The Amazon jungle is a fantastic place for starwatching due to the lack of ambient light. After dinner, a guide will accompany you to the tower for star gazing and a start gazing field guide will help you identify constellations, distant nebulas and planets.

A trip to a parrot clay lick:

In the Tambopata area, several parrots, parakeets, macaws and even mammals visit certain areas in the rainforest to eat clay. On this activity, you will visit a clay lick which is frequently visited by parrots and other animals.

A night walk through the jungle:

Most of the rainforest comes to life after dark. Your guide will take you on a trail where there´s a possibility to see frogs, insects and other nocturnal animals.

Sunset boat ride on the Tambopata:

Sunsets in the jungle are beautiful and one of the best places to enjoy them is from a boat. In the afternoon, your guide will take you to a boat for an easy-going ride on the Tambopata River.

Cultural activities

An ethno-botanical tour to a local farm:

You will visit a small farm where a variety of plants are grown for food, decorations and medicinal purposes.

Brazil Nut Trail:

Brazil Nuts are an important part of Peruvian Amazon life and local economy. Your guide will take you along a trail that passes beneath several of these rainforest giants and will tell you about this important tree and the nuts it produces.

Rainforest craft workshop:

Would you like to learn how forest materials are used to make clothing, baskets, and works of art? Just let us know and we can have local artisans meet with you any time of the day.

Finish off your stay at the Amazon Villa with a picnic dinner around a cozy fire:

While enjoying a delicious dinner next to a campfire and being surrounded by the rainforests of Tambopata, your guide will entertain with stories and local legends from the area. 

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