Adjusting to the Altitude 1 day

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Adjusting to the Altitude 1 day

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Before you start a trek through the landscape of Peru it is very important to know about the differences in the altitude. In some treks you will face a difference of 1000 meters between one place to another. Without preparation or experience in hiking it is possible to get sick during the trek or you are not able to complete the trek. That is why we have a program in order to adjust first to the altitude before going on a trek (for example Inca Trail or Salkantay).



You will be able to see the most important Inca Archeological Sites (Temple of the Moon, Monkey Temple and Pumamarka Hacienda) and have enough time to take pictures and enjoy the view.


You will experience a part of the real trail the Inca’s made during their time.


Trip Itinerary:

We start the hike from the hotel and in 10/15 minutes we arrive at our starting point. During the trek you will see most of the Inca Archeological Sites such as Temple of the Moon, Monkey Temple and Pumamarka Hacienda. From the road close to the hacienda we will meet our transportation and return to the city of Cusco.

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