Maras and Moray 1 day

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Maras and Moray 1 day

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An eye of salt water flows from the mountain and supports more of 2,500 small pools, using a simple channel. Every day, a person is in charge to do this for Maras.

The Incas built a series of agricultural terraces in the form of a circular amphitheater 150m in diameter. Moray was a center for agricultural experiments and recent research has shown that the different levels of terraces represent different microclimates in the region and that temperatures between the terraces vary greatly.


You will experience and see the most important Inca Archeological Sites of the places Maras and Moray.

Trip Itinerary:

After a meeting at your hotel, we drive for about one hour to Maras Town, there will be time to walk around and see a large number of door entries carved in a rock with a blazon of the families, then we continue driving to Moray archeological site where you also have time to walk around. Afterwards we return back to Cusco.

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